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Wednesday, October 17, 2018
July 2009: Teresa Findley is a seventeen year old composer/guitarist/vocalist starting her senior year of high school. Teresa’s musical focus for the past 11 years has been classical guitar and jazz but she prefers to spend her free time song writing. Over the past six years she has acquired a collection of about thirty songs. Raised in Dhahran, KSA, Teresa has performed at numerous community events including the Dhahran Middle School Rock Band. She also played with Vacant Eyes, an all girls band around camp a few years ago, and Southern California’s Potential Banad which can be viewed on YouTube. In the coming year Teresa will be focusing on blues music in the hope that it will influence her writing style.

Use the online media player above to audition individual songs. To listen to a single song online click on the name of a song in the list below. If the song doesn't play click here for further instructions on using the media player or for instructions on downloading individual songs.

These 3 songs, written by Teresa, were recorded during June-July 2009 at Arkose Records.

  • Vocals, Guitar: Teresa Findley
  • Drums: Eddie Edmonston
  • Guitar, Banjo, Nylon: Dave Fuglie
  • Bass, Fiddle: Saylar Craig
  • Piano: Lauri Sauser
  • Cello: John Cole
  • Trumpet: Tracy Craig
  • Vocals: Kathy Ryland, Jenny Tollefson, Scott Tollefson, Radi Adzemovic, Mark Bechtold
  • Produced by: Mark McFarlane

Hold On Tight : Written in 2007 and inspired by a documentary featuring direct accounts from the families of suicide victims. I was moved by their words which stimulated the lyrics of this song.

Passion : Passion was written in 2007 as a “fun” song. If you listen to the version of it on YouTube by Potential Banad, it sounds completely different from this recording. While I don’t always recognize its flexibility, it’s always a fun song to perform with other musicians because everyone interprets it so differently.

Pineapple Chews : Pineapple Chews was written in the Fall of 2008 and has sat in the back of my mind ever since. The picking in the rhythm guitar is probably the second most complicated guitar part I have written, but it remains simple enough for the lyrics to tell a story. Many people have asked me where the inspiration of the name Pineapple Chews came from. The explanation is unfortunately rather mundane, so the name is up for your personal interpretation.


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