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Wednesday, October 17, 2018
About the artists

These Christmas songs were produced in December 2007 for a fund raising project.

Jane, Radi, Rafif, & William: Jane organized this charity production and coaxed all the performers to give their time for this benefit. Jane's just completed her degree studying viola at a university in Canada and has graced us with a recent extended stay before continuing her education. Radi works the acoustic guitar while William and Rafif, hailing from Syria, play the oud and recorder respectively.

The Grace Girls: These six moms (Lauri, Stephanie, Kathy, Adriane, Vicki, and Dottie) love to sing in praise. Well, actually only 5 sing whilst Lauri wails on the piano. Lauri has a wonderful voice but for some reason they won't let her sing, what's up with that?. Next year. Ya gotta love these girls and the heartfelt spirit they bring to their 2 contributions in this production . And what talent; O Holy Night was completed in one take within 15 minutes after they entered the studio.

Carolyn & Jackie: Two good friends who shared a piano bench to bring us two piano duets. It was a hoot to watch them from the control room simultaneously working the keyboard, joined at the hip, arms intertwined, occasionally bumping shoulders in a school-girl kind of playful gesture. Great music. Wonderful people.

The Ryland's: The joy of this production. Four delightful, mischevious young girls sing a heartwarming rendition of Away In The Manger. You can't help but smile listening to this tune. Jane, Radi, Rafif and William provide the instrumental background for this song.

Click here to download the entire CD (44MB) in mp3 format, or use the online media player below to audition individual songs. To listen to a single song online click on the name of a song in the list below. If the song doesn't play click here for further instructions on using the media player or for instructions on downloading individual songs.
Bonus Tracks
Not exactly Christmas songs but still wonderful contributions from other friends at the DPF.

ROCK Group: The ROCK group was a summer pickup band of Christian college and high school students. They rehearsed for a week and we recorded on a hot Thursday afternoon in July 2007. It was a joy working with this group of young adults and we had an exhausting but incredibly fun day together producing a 5 song CD. What a busy day it was!

Joyful Noise: Joyful Noise, another regular at the DPF is a Christian vocal group led by a gifted French architect / pianist. The vocalists come from around the globe: Syria, South Africa, France, Canada, and the USA.






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